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Memory Upgrade for Dell PowerEdge EL 5133
Memory Specification

Base Memory8 MB (removable)
Max Memory256 MB
Memory Slots4 sockets (2 banks of 2)
Memory Commentsn/a
CPU Type133MHz Intel Pentium
Model Comments533/800MHz FSB, Intel E7230 Chipset.
Memory Details

The Dell PowerEdge EL 5133 takes the n/a Memory Type, installed with 8 MB (removable) of Memory. Upgrade your Dell PowerEdge EL 5133 up to 256 MB Memory, this system comes with 4 sockets (2 banks of 2) sockets to install Memory, and already with 8 MB (removable) of standard Memory installed.
Please choose the following RAM listed below.
Compatible Memory Upgrade for Dell PowerEdge EL 5133
Memory size Chip DescriptionPartNumberOEM Part#
16MB Kit2x36-60ns, 72p SIMM, 5v, FPM 251cm-054   310-3336
32MB Kit4x36-60ns, 72p SIMM, 5v, FPM 288cm-059   310-3337
64MB Kit8x36-60ns, 72p SIMM, 5v, FPM 179cm-037   310-3338
128MB Kit16x36-60ns, 72p SIMM, 5v, FPM 8cm-003   310-3339
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